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As we enter a "new normal" a new way of training martial arts was needed, and this online portal is here to help provide it! Classes will be offered in person, as well as live, interactive and online for when you can't make it to class or the community transmission rates are high.

Coronavirus or not we all still need to keep fit, have fun, keep our minds and bodies active and interact with others. All you need is some free space in your home an you're good to go. Learn Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing or a little of both, take part in group fitness classes held live, and recieve direct live feedback from an instructor.

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3 Ways to train to keep you safe and comfortable

1 - Small Group Training

In order to keep everyone safe we are splitting our classes into small "training bubbles", groups of 3-4 people that will train together every class and not intermix. Different groups will be kept seperate from each other and you will remain in the same group class to class.

Safety is our #1 priority as we return to training so small group training will adapt to meet provincial health guidelines as they change.

2 - Solo Training

If you don't want to be a part of a training bubble, you can still train!

We have grappling dummies, punching bags and everything you need to be a part of the class, while remaining completely hands off and distanced from others.

3 - Online Training

Online training is new for most people, but it's something we are all getting used to for the next little bit.

First, it’ll be a lot of fun, and you will get a great work-out.

Our classes are run live, and you can stream it over any phone, tablet or computer. You can even connect those devices to a tv or larger screen for easier viewing. In addition you will be able to turn on your camera and microphone so we can give you direct feedback as we go. Apart from that you won't need any special equipment.

Our name says it all, we are Innovating the way people learn martial arts in response to our changing circumstances.

I look forward to seeing you in our group!

Training Schedule

Training Schedule

Here's what you get:

  • 2 weekday class spots reserved for you, no worrying about hitting capacity, those spots are yours.
  • Ability to book Friday / Saturday classes on a first come basis, pre-register online before arriving so you know you have a spot.
  • Classes for the whole family, from toddlers to adults.
  • Live feedback on technique, form and everything else to make sure you are doing it right, even when training at home

What does a typical class look like?

  • Warmup - Every class starts with a warm up, age approriate motions for the class
  • Technical training - We are a martial arts school after all, so every class will involve Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing or some of each
  • Strength & Conditioning - Whether it's the 3-4 year olds or the adults, every class is going to involve some strength and conditioning. We are far more sedetary then usual, so this is more important then ever
  • Stretching / Cooldown - Again, our more sedetary life change requires maintaining mobility and flexibility.

We also do our part to reenforce with kids the need to stay active, get the school work done and help out around the home durring these times of isolation.

Training Dummies


Covid-19 Precautions

  • If you have any symptoms do not enter
  • if you have been exposed to someone with covid-19 or travelled outside of the province please wait 2-weeks before returning.
  • Please wash your hands on entry and exit every class.
  • Please arrive in work out clothes / uniforms and change at home.
  • Please maintain social distance whenever possible from those not in your training bubble
  • Spectators are strongly discouraged, exceptions for younger children but limit to 1 parent if needed
  • Please exit quickly after class and do not enter early, let the previous class have time to exit first
  • All equipment is disinfected in between every class
  • All classes must be registered for prior to arrival.

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